Public Transport #1

Hey guys,
Today we’re writing about Public Transport. :)

In Poland we have buses, trams, underground and trains.

Here is photo of bus, I couldn’t take photo cuz of terrible weather. hah :/


Polish Bus

Polish Bus

We have few types of trams ^^

old ones

Polish old tram

Polish old tram


New tram

New tram

I don’t like new trams, there is too little place to sit and cling. :/

It’s how it looks inside (I took this photo)

polish tram inside

As I said we have underground (metro) just two lines :/

It’s how metro in Poland is signed

We can buy tickets in kiosks or in ticket machine. In kiosks you can also buy some bars, drinks and newspaper.


we have buses, trains and subways in Japan. these are main public transports.
this is a bus.

japanese bus

this is a train. people use trains to go to their works or schools. i use it every day to go to school.

Japanese train
There are convenience stores. these types of shops are very opened so I think everyone can steal foods, but nobody does!



 What kind of public transport do you like the most? ;) Tell us!

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