Japanese sweets

Hey guys! I got package from Minako! I was so happy to recive it, there was few sweets which about I want to tell you ;) sweets from japan   Ok, First “kinako bar” or something like this, it was roll, it was like middle finger and tasted like sweet sand. Really, it was like eating sweet sand :p  But tasty I like it much! Next one, this with runner on “guriko” or something like that, just sweet carmel hearts, I like carmel so… ;) in same package was pink coloured elephant – toy <3 Pink Elephant Toy This toy reminds me about song I was singing in kindergarten “Był sobie słoń różowy, różowy tak jak krem” (ang: There was a Pink Elephant, Pink as creme) haha Ok and my favourite xD this red with “konbu” on it is made from… seaweed! It was crazy! o.O it was sour, salty and gummy, with white coating, dark green, little brown coulor. Strange, but good! My japanese teacher said that when he was young he’ve eaten it and that it’s one of the most terrible things he remembers. haha!Konbu Everything was finely packed in box and packing paper ^^ Thanks Minako! <3 I’ve recived another pack from Mayu, tell me in comments if you like such posts and which “sweets” would you like to try! <3

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