My biology teacher asked me about “What does japanese teenager eat?”
With Mianko we want to answer it :)

My typical day starts with breakfast, then I’m having “2 śniadanie” secound breakfast at school. Lunch I eat at home and then Diner about  19 or 20.

My today’s menu:

Breakfast: Sandwitches with eggs and mackrel
Secound breakfast: A slice of “Sekacz” (polish cake)
Lunch: meatballs with potatoes, other vegetables and salad
Dinner: Sandwitches with cheese

I drink a lot of water and few cups of tea with raspberry juice or lemone juice and a cup of milk with every meal haha

in my school many mates buy bars and crunchy  in vending machine or warm lunch, salads with vegetables or fruits in school canteen


i think many japanese eat bred as breakfast. There are many kinds of bred at convenience stores, so we can buy them easily.

for lunch, most of us eat Obento or school lunch at school with friends (:
As for me, i don’t eat rice except for lunch (Obento)

i do a part time, so i don’t eat dinner three times a week because when i come back home, it is 10:00 p.m. haha

today, i ate a bred for breakfast, salad and a small bred for lunch, and curry and rice for dinner! i was really full haha



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