Christmas in Poland

For few days in my home everybody is cleaning, cooking and excited! Christmas is coming!

First, children dress the Christmas Tree, to Mikołaj (Santa Claus) has place to put gifts!

In the same time adults are preparing the table. There should be one more seat than family members because you never know if some unexpected visitor visit you!
Okay, so we have Christmas Tree, Place to put dishes but what dishes?

Christmas Table

Everything starts with Opłatek (Christmas Wafer) Everybody exchange wishes and Opłatek with everybody.



Then on the table appear Barszcz (beetroot soup) with uszka (small dumplings) in it.

SoupDumplings When everybody tried Barszcz one of family members carries Śledzie (Herring) in oil, vinegar, onion, tomato in fact there is unlimited recipes for it .

Ones of dishes


On the pic: Carp in Jelly, Herrings with garlic and herrings with..I don’t remember there was many kinds of herrings!

In the same time new dishes appear.
The main course is Karp (Carp) served with Sałatka Jarzynowa (Salad made with boiled potatoes and carrots with fresh peas, sweetcorn, dill cucumber, and boiled egg, mixed with mayonnaise) and bread.

Small Christmas tree

Everybody must try at least 12 dishes! Just a little bit but still… 12!
We also have dessert, usually it’s cakes, many cakes ;)
The most typical are Babka Piaskowa, Piernik (Gingerbread) and Sernik (Cheesecake).

Few christmas cakes

Christmas candles on the table

Children are waiting for the First Star on the sky. When the First Star appear, children are looking around house for Mikołaj (Santa Claus) and when they come back to the Christmas Tree gifts are there. Then everybody open it, sing Kolędy (Christmas songs, carols) and enjoy Christmas.

Presents under christmas tree

I forgot write, that everybody look great, womens have dreeses or shirts, mens have shirts and ties. Everybody look ofical

Here is few the most beautiful Carols

Silent Night, Cicha Noc

Lulaj że Jezuniu

Przybieżeli do Betlejem

And something more modern ;)


In small villages, and cities still are Kolędnicy. It’s children in Devil, Angel, The Kings, Maria, Juzef and Jezus costumes, going around city, singing and visiting people.


And at the end…

Merry Christmas Everyone!




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