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a field trip

i went to Shiga prefecture, which is famous for the biggest lake named “Biwa Lake” as a field trip with my classmates. Have you heard about this lake? haha

the place i went was Ninjutu mura(village). there were some tools which Ninjas used a long time ago. they had some traps in the house. it was fun!!

we had BBQ for lunch :) it was nice.
after lunch we had a dance tournament. it made me laugh a lot. lol

this made me and my classmates build a relation closely!! i really enjoyed this.


i want to tell you guys about japanese fashion!
as you know, many kinds of styles are popular in japan. I like western style!! my favorite fashion bands are GAP, FOREVER 21, and many haha
We have mainly two types of books called “Aomoji kei” and “Akamoji kei”.
“Aomoji kei” is like this.

Aomoji Kei

aomoji kei

Aomoji keiand “Akamoji kei” is like this.

Akamoji kei
aomoji keiAkamoji kei

 you may know “Aomoji kei” as Kyally pamyupamyu.

i think japanese tend not to wear clothes which like this. haha
and we seldom wear dress. Even if i have someone’s birthday party, i don’t wear dress, just normal or a little bit fashionable clothes! haha


I (Kate) just wanna say that wearing dresses and skirts is common in Poland, every day I can see girls in dresses on school corridor, of course not every girl at my age wears it but most do this. I love wearing dresses ;)


Leggings with strange and funny motives on are popular now.




New Year Days and so on

i spent on new years day and more 2 days with my family.

January 1st, i ate osechi which is Japanese traditional New Years Day’s food. it was nice!
however, recently a number of eating it has been decreasing xb
then my parents gave me otoshidama. otoshidama is money which we receive from parents or relatives or so on. i was really happy!! haha

Jan.2nd, i went shopping with my family. i bought many clothes and stuff, because, mostly jan.2nd, most shops sell clothes at sale prices. this is really great for me. lol
there are so many people at the shop. it took for about 15 min to buy clothes! i was surprised.

Jan.3rd, i went to my grandparents’ house. it takes only 5 minutes to get there by bicycle. it is so close. ha
i ate curbs’ Nabe. This is picture of Nabe.(this isn’t what i ate though)


and, i got otoshidama from my grandparents xD they are always tender to me and my older sister.

I was happy that I was able to spend nice time with them (:


I spent 1st January with my friends. I invited just two girls on 31th of December and we were having sushi, crips and non alcoholic champagne :) It didn’t taste very good xD

When 00:00 pasted We go on balcony to see fireworks. It was amazing! :D

When we got up I take Kasia (One of my friends) to see christmas decorations in city center :)
There was a teddy bear reading a christmas stories! ^^

Then on 2nd January I had to go to school! :( just for two days cuz on 6th we are having next free day when I visited my grandparents :)



How did you spend first days of 2014 year? :)

A New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day will come about in a week!
I’m going to show you how to spend the day in japan.

when it pasts 0:00 (12/31), we say “Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu.” each other! (friends, parents)
and some people go to shrines to pray. this is called “Hatsumoude”.

then, we eat a traditional food called “Osechi” on New Years Day.
and we receive and send some New Year’s cards. this is called “Nengajyo”.
we go shopping to buy clothes and “Fuku bukuro”.
there are many clothes in it and we can buy 5,000 yen or 10,000 yen (:

sushi in Japan #1

Japanese often eat sushi. I’ve heard from Kate that in Poland, there are some myths about sushi. So I’m going to tell you about sushi in Japan(:

First, there are many conveyor belt sushi shops in Japan. We can eat them only 100 yen (;
i don’t know if there are such shops in other countries though


Second, do you eat them with wasabi? There are wasabi between rice and ‘neta’. (we call stuff like salmon, tuna, etc “neta”)
and mix wasabi into soy sauce. it is really good!!

Recently rare menus have increased.Ffor example corns or avocado on rice. Of course there is natto sushi xD They seem to be a little strange, but the tastes are so nice!



Finally, it’s Christmas Day tomorrow!!!
Who’s excited?!

I don’t have christmas parties but I’m going to at least eat a christmas cake!
Recently, people who celebrate christmas have been increasing, but normally, japanese don’t celebrate it.
because there is no custom to celebrate (:

how do you celebrate christmas? tell me please! i really want to know!

I love You

Do You often say to your parents “I love You”?

My grandma said that in Poland it wasn’t popular to say ‘I love You’ to parents. It has became popular few years ago. Now  teenagers say it to parents. Especially when they want something e.g money ;)

~Kate, Kasia (Poland)

I know most foreigners say that, but for Japanese it is a little weird!
I haven’t said that to my parents recently. Japanese, especially teenagers don’t say that because we think we are embarrassed!!

~Minako (Japan)

first time!

hi, there

my name is Minako. i live in  Japan.

i do this blog with Kate. we live in different countries you know, so we are going to tell you guys our culture or something.

please enjoy with this blog!