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Tounge Twisters

Okay today we are going to write post about tounge twisters!
Toung twisters are sentences really hard to pronunce!

Ok so few polish tounge twisters (łamańce językowe)

1. “Król Karol kupił królowej Karolinie korale koloru kolorowego”

2. “Jola Lojalna, Jola nielojalna”

3. ”Pchła pchłę pchała, pchła płakała”

4. “W czasie suszy, szosa sucha”

They are most popular polish tounge twisters ^^


here are japanese ones (早口言葉 hayaguchikotoba)
1. “生麦 生米 生卵 (nama mugi nama gome nama tamago)”

2. “赤巻紙 青巻紙 黄巻紙 (aka makigami ao makigami ki makigami)”

3. “坊主が 屏風に 上手に 坊主の 絵を書いた (bozu ga byobu ni jyozu ni
bozu no e wo kaita)”

4. “隣の 客は よく
these are very popular japanese tongue twisters :)


Here is video I (kate) recorded for you, Minako wanted to record her parts too but we had Technical Problems


i want to tell you guys about japanese fashion!
as you know, many kinds of styles are popular in japan. I like western style!! my favorite fashion bands are GAP, FOREVER 21, and many haha
We have mainly two types of books called “Aomoji kei” and “Akamoji kei”.
“Aomoji kei” is like this.

Aomoji Kei

aomoji kei

Aomoji keiand “Akamoji kei” is like this.

Akamoji kei
aomoji keiAkamoji kei

 you may know “Aomoji kei” as Kyally pamyupamyu.

i think japanese tend not to wear clothes which like this. haha
and we seldom wear dress. Even if i have someone’s birthday party, i don’t wear dress, just normal or a little bit fashionable clothes! haha


I (Kate) just wanna say that wearing dresses and skirts is common in Poland, every day I can see girls in dresses on school corridor, of course not every girl at my age wears it but most do this. I love wearing dresses ;)


Leggings with strange and funny motives on are popular now.




What to do after school?

What do you do after school?

I asked few friends about “What do you do after school” here is few answers they gave to me:

It’s depend on day. On Monday and Thursday I have dance class. On Thuesday and Wednsday I have fitness, ad on Friday I usually meet with my boyfriend.

I don’t have much time after school, I’m trying to spend time I have actively.

After school I meet with my friends. Then I go for a walk. I eat diner in Subway or drink coffee somewhere. At 18 I’m back home. I watch a movie or use computer then do homework and use computer again. 

In my school we have many extra classes like Manga, Photography, Paint, Math Class, Phisics Class, School Choir, Basketball, Voleyball, Nordicwalking, skating, guitar class, and other.

We also can attend for extra classes not in school or spend time in our own way. In shoping center, with friends, on the walk, swimming pool etc. sience we are 16 we can have part time, in shops or restaurants.
Every Monday I go to the shooting gallery, every Theusday I have guitar class and on Saturday I have Japanese class.


In Japan, we can have a part time when we become 18 years old, so many ofthem do part time after school. i also do a part time three times a week after school. it starts at 5:00 p.m. and finishes at 10:00 p.m. so these days i have no enough time to do something.

Some students belong to club activities at school. it is popular for them. volleyball club, dance club, baseball, and soccer are especially popular club activities in Japan (: however some of them also do a part time. i think they are really tired, because even me, only do a part time, is tired after the part time! haha
I think Japanese are more busier than other countries xD however everyone manages to do both! ha
Some of my friends go to a cramming school in order to pass the entrance exams of universities or collages.

As for me, i go to an english conversation lesson every tuesdays, have an extra lesson every thursday at school and Chinese lesson every saturdays. i think i am kind of girl haha


what do you do after school guys?:)