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My biology teacher asked me about “What does japanese teenager eat?”
With Mianko we want to answer it :)

My typical day starts with breakfast, then I’m having “2 śniadanie” secound breakfast at school. Lunch I eat at home and then Diner about  19 or 20.

My today’s menu:

Breakfast: Sandwitches with eggs and mackrel
Secound breakfast: A slice of “Sekacz” (polish cake)
Lunch: meatballs with potatoes, other vegetables and salad
Dinner: Sandwitches with cheese

I drink a lot of water and few cups of tea with raspberry juice or lemone juice and a cup of milk with every meal haha

in my school many mates buy bars and crunchy  in vending machine or warm lunch, salads with vegetables or fruits in school canteen


i think many japanese eat bred as breakfast. There are many kinds of bred at convenience stores, so we can buy them easily.

for lunch, most of us eat Obento or school lunch at school with friends (:
As for me, i don’t eat rice except for lunch (Obento)

i do a part time, so i don’t eat dinner three times a week because when i come back home, it is 10:00 p.m. haha

today, i ate a bred for breakfast, salad and a small bred for lunch, and curry and rice for dinner! i was really full haha



Valentines Day

Today is lovers day,
I think in many countries we celebrate this in different ways.

Valentines day

In Poland it’s kind a commercial holiday, there is many hearts around the streets, in shops are baloons and ads asking “Have you bought present for your true love?” I don’t like it at all,

In my school we have “Valentines Post Office” we can send a letter with romantic poem to our love from other class.
My friends also give to their girlfriends or boyfriends small gift, card or chocolates (But girls are not always happy when get chocolates “We will become fat!” some could say ;)  )
I think many couples is going for romantic walk or dinner, sometimes watch a movie in the cinema or at home.

I think I should say that we don’t send letters and give gifts only to our loves, It’s common to send it to your best friend. I recived a valentines gift from my good friend Ania and I sent to her something too.


In Japan, of course couples celebrate Valentine’s Day. if you have a boyfriend, i think you will definitely give chocolate to him.
but we have another way how to spend this day! i think it is a little weird. some students exchange chocolates, cookies or something even among friends, no boys! i haven’t give it to guys for a few years, because i don’t have any guy who i like! haha
so i made many chocolates and cookies for my friends yesterday! and then, i exchange them each other at school (: everything i was given looked nice and was really good!!!
i didn’t take some pictures of them sry!

we have ‘White day’ on March in japan.

Valentine’s Day is a day when normally girls give chocolates to boys, and White Day is a day boys give something to girls in return!

Gdy cię nie widzę, nie wzdycham, nie płaczę,
Nie tracę zmysłów, kiedy cię zobaczę;
Jednakże gdy cię długo nie oglądam,
Czegoś mi braknie, kogoś widzieć żądam;
I tęskniąc sobie zadaję pytanie:
Czy to jest przyjaźń? czy to jest kochanie?

[A. Mickiewicz]
When I can’t see you, I don’t sight nor cry,
I don’t loose my mind when you are so far
But when I don’t meet you too long time,
I miss something, I want to see someone;
And missing I’m asking:
Is it friendship? or is it love?
[translation: Kate]



Public Transport #1

Hey guys,
Today we’re writing about Public Transport. :)

In Poland we have buses, trams, underground and trains.

Here is photo of bus, I couldn’t take photo cuz of terrible weather. hah :/


Polish Bus

Polish Bus

We have few types of trams ^^

old ones

Polish old tram

Polish old tram


New tram

New tram

I don’t like new trams, there is too little place to sit and cling. :/

It’s how it looks inside (I took this photo)

polish tram inside

As I said we have underground (metro) just two lines :/

It’s how metro in Poland is signed

We can buy tickets in kiosks or in ticket machine. In kiosks you can also buy some bars, drinks and newspaper.


we have buses, trains and subways in Japan. these are main public transports.
this is a bus.

japanese bus

this is a train. people use trains to go to their works or schools. i use it every day to go to school.

Japanese train
There are convenience stores. these types of shops are very opened so I think everyone can steal foods, but nobody does!



 What kind of public transport do you like the most? ;) Tell us!