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Schools #1

Today we are going to write about schools :)

There was small holiday in Poland and in Japan too, because of Christmas and New Year,
so with ‘new energy and smile on the face’ we can go to school and write something about it, haha

In Poland we don’t wear uniforms at all! In primary school we can wear what ever we want to. In Secondary school we can wear what we want but only in “School colours” that means we can wear just blue, white, grey and black to school.

Ofcourse there is few schools where students have to wear uniforms.
On Friday we have “Colorful day”. That day we can wear every colour! And every 13th day of month we have an event, that everybody who will have e.g Santas Hat won’t be ask on the lesson. It’ really fun ^^

On Monday we have to wear white shirts and ties


The longest break has20 minutes, we can eat lunch made at home or from school canteen. I usually have some fruits like banana and apple or a sandwich.

My school has just 3 floors,

my schoolone small and one big gym, ‘mirrors’ gym with big balls and many mirrors to do fitness and big playing field

We also have cloakroom, I hate it cuz there isn’t enough space for everybody and it’s a little dangerous when all school finish lessons at the same time.



Minako wrote that they clean their classrooms. In Poland we just make a mess, during the lessonse and on the breaks!   Hahaha


Most Japanese schools have uniforms. Some schools has no uniform, but i think it is rare.
school of my friend does not have one, but she wears uniform. in japan, there are some shops that we can buy uniforms. there are many kinds of uniforms there! she buys there.
i wanted to buy some stuff there, but my school does not allow to wear the others ); haha…

School Uniforms - Japan


Minakos School Uniform

in lunch time, i guess many students have their own “obento” or school lunch at school.

and i think this is really different point from foreigns’ school is that japanese students clean school ourselves after school or long break time every day. i hate it xb lol

and my school have 7 floors! it is like a building. haha

Minako School
the swimming pool is on the 7th floor, and the gym is across from my school. lol we have only 10 min break times, so it is a little bit hard to get the gym or swimming pool, and wear swim suit and gym suit! xD


So it’s first school post!
Write in comments what do you think is the best in our schools and how it is in your school!

New Year Days and so on

i spent on new years day and more 2 days with my family.

January 1st, i ate osechi which is Japanese traditional New Years Day’s food. it was nice!
however, recently a number of eating it has been decreasing xb
then my parents gave me otoshidama. otoshidama is money which we receive from parents or relatives or so on. i was really happy!! haha

Jan.2nd, i went shopping with my family. i bought many clothes and stuff, because, mostly jan.2nd, most shops sell clothes at sale prices. this is really great for me. lol
there are so many people at the shop. it took for about 15 min to buy clothes! i was surprised.

Jan.3rd, i went to my grandparents’ house. it takes only 5 minutes to get there by bicycle. it is so close. ha
i ate curbs’ Nabe. This is picture of Nabe.(this isn’t what i ate though)


and, i got otoshidama from my grandparents xD they are always tender to me and my older sister.

I was happy that I was able to spend nice time with them (:


I spent 1st January with my friends. I invited just two girls on 31th of December and we were having sushi, crips and non alcoholic champagne :) It didn’t taste very good xD

When 00:00 pasted We go on balcony to see fireworks. It was amazing! :D

When we got up I take Kasia (One of my friends) to see christmas decorations in city center :)
There was a teddy bear reading a christmas stories! ^^

Then on 2nd January I had to go to school! :( just for two days cuz on 6th we are having next free day when I visited my grandparents :)



How did you spend first days of 2014 year? :)