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Polish sushi

I was in just two Sushi restaurants, but my dad make sushi from time to time.

My dad, when makes sushi add to it fishes, crab sticks, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, pickled turnip, pickled gourd, paprika and ofcourse rice and nori. he makes it really good-looking and tasty, but I’m not sure if it’s like “Japanese Sushi”. I think polish and japanese have different preferences tastes, Here are few photos of my dad sushi

2013_06_08_0065B 2013_06_08_0067 2013_06_08_0070

My favourite restouration with sushi is Sushiberry. I was there with my mom few times. They have sushi with fishes, vegetables and… sweet with chocolate and sweet colorful sprinkle!
Plates are beautiful decorated, there is many fruits. Sushi looks also very good. And for polish it tastes very good.

Here are few photos from my and mom dinner

Sushi_an01a Sushi_an02b

How do Polish spend New Year Day?

So now I’m going to write about Polish New Year day traditions, if we really have it.

Many polish spend this day with family and close friends, eating food, singing and talking.
Part of people in Poland have big party, at home or night club.
Few spend it alone, we call it “Sylwester z dwójką” it’s when you don’t go anywhere and just watch New Years TV programs.
When it past 00:00 we open a bottle of champagne, it’s only day when parents let children drink a glass of champagne.But we have non alcochol champagne for children too.

Then we go outside let fireworks ^^

There is nothing special :(

A New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day will come about in a week!
I’m going to show you how to spend the day in japan.

when it pasts 0:00 (12/31), we say “Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu.” each other! (friends, parents)
and some people go to shrines to pray. this is called “Hatsumoude”.

then, we eat a traditional food called “Osechi” on New Years Day.
and we receive and send some New Year’s cards. this is called “Nengajyo”.
we go shopping to buy clothes and “Fuku bukuro”.
there are many clothes in it and we can buy 5,000 yen or 10,000 yen (:

sushi in Japan #1

Japanese often eat sushi. I’ve heard from Kate that in Poland, there are some myths about sushi. So I’m going to tell you about sushi in Japan(:

First, there are many conveyor belt sushi shops in Japan. We can eat them only 100 yen (;
i don’t know if there are such shops in other countries though


Second, do you eat them with wasabi? There are wasabi between rice and ‘neta’. (we call stuff like salmon, tuna, etc “neta”)
and mix wasabi into soy sauce. it is really good!!

Recently rare menus have increased.Ffor example corns or avocado on rice. Of course there is natto sushi xD They seem to be a little strange, but the tastes are so nice!


Christmas in Poland

For few days in my home everybody is cleaning, cooking and excited! Christmas is coming!

First, children dress the Christmas Tree, to Mikołaj (Santa Claus) has place to put gifts!

In the same time adults are preparing the table. There should be one more seat than family members because you never know if some unexpected visitor visit you!
Okay, so we have Christmas Tree, Place to put dishes but what dishes?

Christmas Table

Everything starts with Opłatek (Christmas Wafer) Everybody exchange wishes and Opłatek with everybody.



Then on the table appear Barszcz (beetroot soup) with uszka (small dumplings) in it.

SoupDumplings When everybody tried Barszcz one of family members carries Śledzie (Herring) in oil, vinegar, onion, tomato in fact there is unlimited recipes for it .

Ones of dishes


On the pic: Carp in Jelly, Herrings with garlic and herrings with..I don’t remember there was many kinds of herrings!

In the same time new dishes appear.
The main course is Karp (Carp) served with Sałatka Jarzynowa (Salad made with boiled potatoes and carrots with fresh peas, sweetcorn, dill cucumber, and boiled egg, mixed with mayonnaise) and bread.

Small Christmas tree

Everybody must try at least 12 dishes! Just a little bit but still… 12!
We also have dessert, usually it’s cakes, many cakes ;)
The most typical are Babka Piaskowa, Piernik (Gingerbread) and Sernik (Cheesecake).

Few christmas cakes

Christmas candles on the table

Children are waiting for the First Star on the sky. When the First Star appear, children are looking around house for Mikołaj (Santa Claus) and when they come back to the Christmas Tree gifts are there. Then everybody open it, sing Kolędy (Christmas songs, carols) and enjoy Christmas.

Presents under christmas tree

I forgot write, that everybody look great, womens have dreeses or shirts, mens have shirts and ties. Everybody look ofical

Here is few the most beautiful Carols

Silent Night, Cicha Noc

Lulaj że Jezuniu

Przybieżeli do Betlejem

And something more modern ;)


In small villages, and cities still are Kolędnicy. It’s children in Devil, Angel, The Kings, Maria, Juzef and Jezus costumes, going around city, singing and visiting people.


And at the end…

Merry Christmas Everyone!





Finally, it’s Christmas Day tomorrow!!!
Who’s excited?!

I don’t have christmas parties but I’m going to at least eat a christmas cake!
Recently, people who celebrate christmas have been increasing, but normally, japanese don’t celebrate it.
because there is no custom to celebrate (:

how do you celebrate christmas? tell me please! i really want to know!

Christmas Decorations

Today I went to see Christmas decorations at Krakowskie Przedmieście street in Warsaw capital city of Poland. I think it is wonderful.

See Krakowskie Przedmieście on the Google Map

~Kate, Kasia (Poland)

How is it to have a talk Japan-Poland on Skype?

Few days ago, with Minako we were talking on Skype.

We were talking about 25 minutes.

There wasn’t problems like “-Hello! *5 seconds long break* -Hi! *5 sec.* -How are you?? *5 sec* -What did you say?? ;)

But fewtimes we lost connection and I didn’t hear everything what Minako says :(

Although we were really nervous at the end it wasnt so hard :)

I hope we will talk often!

~Kate, Kasia (Poland)

I love You

Do You often say to your parents “I love You”?

My grandma said that in Poland it wasn’t popular to say ‘I love You’ to parents. It has became popular few years ago. Now  teenagers say it to parents. Especially when they want something e.g money ;)

~Kate, Kasia (Poland)

I know most foreigners say that, but for Japanese it is a little weird!
I haven’t said that to my parents recently. Japanese, especially teenagers don’t say that because we think we are embarrassed!!

~Minako (Japan)